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Beware Of The Fake Amazon Offer of Sandisk 16GB Pendrive for Rs19

24 Jul 2016
This morning I received a message from couple of whatsapp groups that Amazon is offering 16 GB Sandisk pendrive for Rs 16. A quick look into the URL it self can reveal that its a fake site, but people may miss it by oversight due to the words Amazon , Sandisk and Sale in the URL [More]

A lethal combination of ACT Fibernet 100 Mbps Internet Connection and TP-Link Archer C9

19 Apr 2016
Different people have different opinion and feedback on ACT fibernet connection. For me, it is so far so good and I am using it for more than a month without any issues and able to access the internet at a minimum of 94 Mbps wirelessly at any time [More]

TrueCrypt is no longer secure - Officially it is been declared as compromised

03 Jun 2014
It is officially been declared that TrueCrypt, one of the most popular encryption and portable drive software, has been compromised and it's no more been considered as secure [More]

What is this all about and what you can expect from Init Page

02 Nov 2013
If you like it or not, technology have penetrated deep into our lifestyle with or without our knowledge. This blog, Init Page, primarily focuses on those type of technologies, apps, software and devices that we encounter in our day to day life. [More]


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