What the heck is rooting in Android? And is it worth rooting your Android Phone?

In layman’s terms, rooting an android device can be considered as enabling Administrative privileges for an android user Account. The default user account in which the Android works is more or less can be considered as Sandboxed mode.

The default user account does not have permission to core system files and applications and it works in a Sandboxed mode with less privileges. Rooting an Android device provides an elevated privilege to the user account and enables to break almost all restrictions imposed on a normal user account. Since you are free to perform any operation in your mobile like blocking or disabling a system application, deleting or manipulating system files, freezing or uninstalling a system application, at most care should be taken while performing these operations. There are some specific apps like “Super User Manger” Apps that can provide you options to manage Super User privileges for your apps. You can decide which App can be granted Super User Permission through this Super User Management Apps. This gives you control over the apps that are specifically designed to work on rooted mobiles.

If this is the case, why is it necessary to root you mobile phone?

If are ready to live with the default junk apps (bloat wares) that comes along with your service provider or your mobile phone then rooting is not for you. Although most of the apps can be disabled without rooting, there are some Apps that cannot be disabled in your mobile, particularly the apps that are related to the Big Boss, Google.

In the recent versions of Android, even if the location services are disabled, Google Maps always runs in the background and the Apps that makes use of location services can access your location without your knowledge. The below are some of the common reasons why people go for rooting their mobile phones

1. Disabling unwanted apps decreases the battery consumption and it in turn increases your charging cycle.

2. Uninstalling unwanted apps frees up your memory

3. Rooted mobiles with specialized apps allows you to roll back to any version of an App if you are not satisfied with the update that you have performed in the market

4. Specialized Apps for rooted mobiles allows you to keep your Apps in check by suppressing them from being invoked based on any events or triggers like switching network, data connection or re-boots

5. Back up Apps with Data and restore the app at any time

6. Enables to execute Linux/ kernel commands

7. With location changing apps, you can simulate your location to a different location and download Apps that are originally blocked in your Country.BTW, i don’t think its legal to do this. But this is for your information to know about the things that are possible in a rooted phone.

If you are ready to take the risk of breaking your warranty ( I have not read anywhere that warranty would become void if the phone is rooted, may be it would be there somewhere deep inside the terms and conditions booklet provided along with the phone) , then it’s worth rooting your phone, if you know what it is all about.

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