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Must have Android Utility Apps to Optimize and Organize your Android Phone or Tablet

09 Nov 2013
This list of Must have Android utility Apps is not the usual list of popular apps available across web to optimize and organize Android Phone and Tablet [More]

How to change the primary Gmail Account of an Android Device without performing a Factory Reset

05 Nov 2013
Changing the primary account in an android device does not require a factory rest. This can be performed from the settings option of the Android Device [More]

How to hide images and Videos from Android Picture Gallery without any specific App

05 Nov 2013
All images and videos available in an Android App will be automatically displayed in Gallery App. There are some free and paid apps to hide images or videos from gallery. But hiding images or videos from gallery is very easy [More]

Easiest option to root your Samsung Mobile Phone or Tablet

04 Nov 2013
So, you are here because you have decided to root your Samsung device. Be it your smart phone or Tablet, there are numerous ways to root your device. But the below is one of the easiest and safest way to root your device [More]

What the heck is rooting in Android? And is it worth rooting your Android Phone?

04 Nov 2013
In layman’s terms, rooting an android device can be considered as enabling Administrative privileges for an android user Account. The default user account in which the Android works is more or less can be considered as Sandboxed mode [More]

How to remotely install (push) an Android App to your Smart Phone or a Tablet

04 Nov 2013
Installing an Android App is relatively easy through the online version of Play Store when compared to installing via Play Store App available in your device. Follow the below steps to remotely push (install ) app in your smart phone or tablet [More]

Does an Android Live Wall Paper really requires any Special Permission? Beware of Android App Permissions

03 Nov 2013
Usually most of us do not care about the permissions requested by an Android app while installing it in on our device. At the most we may judge an app based on number of downloads, rating ,look and feel and usability [More]

What is this all about and what you can expect from Init Page

02 Nov 2013
If you like it or not, technology have penetrated deep into our lifestyle with or without our knowledge. This blog, Init Page, primarily focuses on those type of technologies, apps, software and devices that we encounter in our day to day life. [More]


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