What is the actual fuel tank capacity of Renault Duster RxZ AWD?

Actual fuel tank capacity of Renault Duster RxZ AWD is quite confusing as there is no official numbers available for this. Some external automobile sites mentions it as 50 litres but the actual numbers seams  …read more


Beware Of The Fake Amazon Offer of Sandisk 16GB Pendrive for Rs19

This morning I received a message from couple of whatsapp groups that Amazon is offering 16 GB Sandisk pendrive for Rs 16. A quick look into the URL it self can reveal that its a  …read more


A lethal combination of ACT Fibernet 100 Mbps Internet Connection and TP-Link Archer C9

Different people have different opinion and feedback on ACT fibernet connection. For me, it is so far so good and I am using it for more than a month without any issues and able to  …read more


How to safely detach a OTG USB pen drive from Samsung Android Phone

After Android Marshmallow update in Samsung Note 4, the option to detach the OTG USB pen drive is deep buried into the storage settings of the phone. Follow the below steps to safely detach your  …read more


Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow rolling out for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in India

After a long wait , the Indian users are able to upgrade their Android version in Samsung galaxy note 4 to Android Marshmallow  ( 6.0.1) The over the air (OTA) update file size is somewhere  …read more


Quick links to configure a web server, file server, media server and always on torrent client in Raspberry Pi 2

This article provides you with quick links to some of the online articles that helps you to convert your Raspberry Pi 2 into a media server, file server , web server and a torrent server  …read more


Fixing boot crash issue in Raspberry Pi 2 if the attached hard disks are removed

As the Raspberry pi runs on SD Card, attaching a hard disk to it is inevitable. These external hard disks are required to be mounted with its UUIDs to make it available across various applications.  …read more


Attach multiple external NTFS hard disks to Raspberry Pi to create a network file server with Samba

In this article we can see how to attach multiple hard disks to Raspberry Pi and convert those disks into a consolidated file share with Samba File Server. Configuring Pi with ntfs drivers and mounting  …read more


Install Apache Web server and manage Linux file permission with Webmin GUI in Raspberry Pi

sudo apt-get install apache2 -y in terminal is what required to install apache in raspberry pi. But for a change we will try to do every thing from GUI instead of doing it in console.  …read more


Installing Webmin to manage packages and app configurations from GUI in Raspberry Pi

Webmin allows you to manage deployment packages and perform configuration settings in a easy way by providing a web interface at port 10000 in a Raspberry Pi. This application also provides easy options to start  …read more