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Quick links to configure a web server, file server, media server and always on torrent client in Raspberry Pi 2

08 Feb 2016
This article provides you with quick links to some of the online articles that helps you to convert your Raspberry Pi 2 into a media server, file server , web server and a torrent server [More]

Fixing boot crash issue in Raspberry Pi 2 if the attached hard disks are removed

03 Feb 2016
As the Raspberry pi runs on SD Card, attaching a hard disk to it is inevitable. These external hard disks are required to be mounted with its UUIDs to make it available across various applications. The Pi works perfectly as long as those disks are attached to it but [More]

Attach multiple external NTFS hard disks to Raspberry Pi to create a network file server with Samba

03 Feb 2016
In this article we can see how to attach multiple hard disks to Raspberry Pi and convert those disks into a consolidated file share with Samba File Server. Configuring Pi with ntfs drivers and mounting the disks under specific path with uuid are pre-requisites for setting up the file server [More]

Install Apache Web server and manage Linux file permission with Webmin GUI in Raspberry Pi

03 Feb 2016
sudo apt-get install apache2 -y in terminal is what required to install apache in raspberry pi. But for a change we will try to do every thing from GUI instead of doing it in console [More]

Installing Webmin to manage packages and app configurations from GUI in Raspberry Pi

30 Jan 2016
Webmin allows you to manage deployment packages and perform configuration settings in a easy way by providing a web interface at port 10000 in a Raspberry Pi. This application also allows easy options to start an application at boot without writing lengthy configuration scripts [More]

Enable Remote Desktop connection with xRDP in Raspberry Pi 2 and remotely connecting it from a Windows PC

30 Jan 2016
Ensure that Raspberry Pi is connected to your wifi or LAN network before starting this steps to install xRDP in your raspberry Pi to remotely connect it from a different PC in your network. If you haven't done it so far, follow the steps in my previous [More]

Step by step network configuration settings for Raspberry Pi 2 to assign a internal static ip

30 Jan 2016
Its always better to have a fixed IP for your Raspberry Pi within your network so that you no need to worry about the dynamic allocation of IP by your router for Pi which may at times break the headless connection to your Pi due to change of IP address [More]

How to set the time zone in Raspbian Jessie Linux of Raspberry Pi to IST

30 Jan 2016
Time zone settings in Raspberry Pi is hidden deep into the configuration section. In this article we can see how to change the time zone of raspberry pi to IST [More]

Configuring Raspberry Pi. Change all your configuration settings right from the GUI

30 Jan 2016
The internet is flooded with information related to configuring Raspberry Pi with command line scripts. But it’s hard to find details on configuring the PI through GUI. Here we can see how to configure Raspberry Pi in an easy way through GUI [More]

Preparing your SD card for clean installation of Raspian OS in Raspberry Pi2

29 Jan 2016
This step starts with selection of a SD Card that would be used as OS partition for Raspberry Pi and preparing the SD card and installing the Raspian OS in it and performing the first boot [More]


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