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Beware Of The Fake Amazon Offer of Sandisk 16GB Pendrive for Rs19

28 Jul 2016

This morning I received a message from couple of whatsapp groups that Amazon is offering 16 GB Sandisk pendrive for Rs 16. A quick look into the URL it self can reveal that its a fake site, but people may miss it by oversight due to the words Amazon , Sandisk and Sale in the URL.

The link to that URL leads to a web page , which is very much identical to the existing Amazon site. Although it has a checkout page , its not requesting to submit the personal details of user , instead its requesting to share the URL with 8 other Whatsapp groups or friends. Having a look into the source code of page ( right click and select view source) , there is no script attached to any of the button clicks except the link for navigation, so I tried to venture for full cycle to see what is happening. BTW, this site has Google Analytics enabled, so this means, it can track your location , IP and other details retailed to your browser and Operating System.  

Since its  not asking for any financial details, this might ??? be a security survey to check people’s awareness or this could be a market study to go big in the near future on this track to reap the personal and financial details of individuals. What ever may be the reason, be aware that, this is not the genuine Amazon site. The below is the Whats App message that's been running around

Note : Don’t share any of your personal details on these type of sites. Check out this link which provides a quick glance to know the rates that are offered for different personal details of general public in the black market. 

What’sapp Message



Screen 1



Screen 1 Contd..



Screen 2



Screen 3



Site Info

This site does not contains the “Who Is” data. If you are more interested on the technical details, the below is the DNS information available at “


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