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What is the actual fuel tank capacity of Renault Duster RxZ AWD?

07 Dec 2016

Actual fuel tank capacity of Renault Duster RxZ AWD is quite confusing as there is no official numbers available for this. Some external automobile sites mentions it as 50 litres but the actual numbers seams to be higher than that.

Couple of weeks back I rode my Duster to near to empty on purpose to figure out the actual capacity. It crossed more than 50+ Kms after flashing  of fuel warning indicator before I went for refuel. To my surprise, it took 61.5 litres to reach the brim. If I would have re-fuelled in any other petrol station other than Shell I would have suspected the quantity.

Receipt Copy

Diesel Bill

Although the auto cut-off happened at around  48 Litres, I am not sure, if that has to be considered as the actual capacity. The next 13+ litres took more than 15 mins and I have to really thank the staff at Shell petrol station for his patience.

For the last 2 years, these numbers always seams to vary and this is the highest number I am able to clock so far.

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