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Android Social Apps and RSS News Feed Apps for every Business user and Software Consultant

15 Dec 2013

This article on Social Apps and RSS news feed Apps is a part of series of Articles on Must Have Apps for Business Users and Software Consultants

These Apps does not require any explanation. This article is more like a checklist to ensure that you have these Apps with you.

1. Linked In

Linked In  Linked In 2

Google Play Store Link

2. Twitter

Twitter  Twitter 2

Google Play Store Link

3. Google +


Google Play Store Link

4. Facebook Pages Manager

Would be helpful if you are maintaining any Facebook pages for your blog or Technical community.

Facebook For Pages  FaceBook For Pages 2

Google Play Store Link

5. LinkedIn Pulse

Considered as one of the best social news app. But recently struggling with bugs in the last few updates after LinkedIn have took over this App.

Pulse  Pulse 2

Google Play Store Link

6. Flip Board

Yet another social news app with better look and feel.

Flipboard  Flipboard 2

Google Play Store Link

7. Feedly

One of the best replacement for Google RSS Reader.

Feeddly  Feedly 1

Google Play Store Link

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