Must have best Android email client apps for a Business user and a Software Consultant

This article on must hast best email client apps for Business User and Software Consultant is a part of Apps for Software Consultant Series.

The below are some of the best email apps that you can go for if you feel that the default mail client doesn’t seems to fit your business or consulting needs.

1. K-9 Mail

Open Source and Free email client with support for multiple mail accounts. Except Exchange mails all mail servers are supported. Have been dormant for quite some time. But now active updates with new features are happening frequently.

K9 1  K9 2

Google Play Store Link

2. Aqua Mail – email app

Yet another mail client. The free version supports only one account.


Google Play Store Link

3. Outlook Mobile Access Lite OWA

The best mail client for your corporate exchange mail if it supports only web access.


Google Play Store Link

4. TouchDown for Smartphones

This app is specifically for exchange mails. This comes with 30 days trail. Its bit pricy, still it’s one of the most downloaded mail clients in Google Play Store.

Touch 1  Touch 2

Google Play Store Link

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