Easiest option to root your Samsung Mobile Phone or Tablet

So, you are here because you have decided to root your Samsung device. Be it your smart phone or Tablet, there are numerous ways to root your device. But the below is one of the easiest and safest way to root your device. I personally have tested my Samsung Galaxy Note I and it worked like a charm.

Now let us see how to root your Samsung device. As I mentioned rooting can be done in multiple ways, but we can easily do it with the help of  APKs like Forma Root or Exynos Abuse . These APK can be downloaded from XDA Forum developers site and they are not available on Google Play store as APK’s related to rooting are not allowed in Play Store. But you can download Apps that are developed specifically for rooted devices from Play Store. It’s strongly advised to read the documentation for the APK provided in the XDA forum before proceeding to root you mobile. As usual its your responsibility to decide to go for rooting or not and you cannot blame anyone if some thing goes wrong. So read the instructions provided carefully before proceeding and check if your device is there in the list of supported devices before you install the APK.

Link to Forma Root ( I have tried this and it worked for my Galaxy Samsung Note I)

Link to Exynos Abuse ( Have not tried but , this is also one of the popular APK for rooting your device)

Download and install any one of the APK and select the type of exploit you would like to perform ( more details on the respective documentation of APK’s in XDA Form, this keeps on changing depending on the versions) and wait for the confirmation of rooting status. If it failed try the other options referred in the documentation. If your device is there in the list of supported devices then it would work for you. All the best  Smile 

Once you have rooted your device, you can verify it with  Root Checker App about the status


If you are still confused to root or not to root checkout my earlier article related on pros and cons of rooting an android device here

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